Aims and Scope

Sociopedia.isa is an online journal that published review articles in the social sciences from 2010 to 2017. Entries provided a 'state-of-the-art' review of the literature on a particular topic. Sociopedia.isa was designed to provide 'living social science' as peer-reviewed articles were published quickly after being accepted. From 2013 to 2017, the 8-10 best entries of Sociopedia.isa were included in the annual review issue of Current Sociology.

Sociopedia.isa was founded in 2010 as a joint venture of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and SAGE. Since its foundation, Sociopedia.isa has published more than 50 entries on a variety of topics. Some of these entries were also published in French and/or Spanish and/or commented on.

Sociopedia Colloquium

Sociopedia Colloquium compliments the regular Sociopedia entry by carefully pinpointing key debates in the social sciences and inviting scholars to participate through lead articles and accompanying critical commentaries.

In this regard, Sociopedia Colloquium offers on-line readers a cutting-edge interactive platform that explores future avenues of scholarly research. Sociopedia Colloquium invites a scholar to present a critical overview of a globally debated field in sociology, or an overview of a lesser-known continental or regional debate that is germane for a worldwide readership.

The lead contribution offers, through a series of scholarly reflections, new innovative interpretations, understandings and clarifications within a given arena of research. Several commentators may be invited, in advance of publication, to respond to the Sociopedia Colloquium lead article. After publication, the lead author may be invited to respond to his or her interlocutors.

Editorial Structure, 2010-2017

Founding Editors

Izabela Barlinska
Bert Klandermans
Kenji Kosaka
Michel Wieviorka

Managing Editor

Bert Klandermans

Colloquium Editor

Henri Lustiger Thaler

Editorial Assistant

Teodora Gaidyte

Associate Editors

Devorah Kalekin-Fishman
Henri Lustiger Thaler
Kevin McDonald

Editorial Board

Ari Antikainen
Jörg Blasius
Alain Chouraqui
Tom Dwyer
Maria Stela Porto Grossi
Lauren Langman
Simon Mapadimeng      
Guglielmo Meardi  
Valentine Moghadam  
Geoffrey Pleyers
Mike Saks
Markus Schulz
Tina Uys
Jacquelien van Stekelenburg  
Said A. Arjomand
Giuseppe Caforio 
Roberto Cipriani
Marcel Fournier
Sari Hanafi
William E. Lovekamp
Susan McDaniel
Melinda Mills
Ngan-Pun Ngai
Emma Porio
Yoshimichi Sato
Vineeta Sinha
Gerhard van de Bunt
Edward Webster
Marc Bernadot
Mau-Kuei Chang
Ann Denis
Matthias Gross
Silvia Krumm
Ineke Maas
Kevin McDonald
Ishwar Modi
Sandi Michele de Oliveira  
Paola Rebughini
Volker Schmidt
Dennis Smith
Robert van Krieken
Wynne Wright