The global inside the national

The global inside the national

Saskia Sassen Columbia University, USA

abstract This article expands the analytic terrain within which to understand the global in ways that allow us to use sociological methods, concepts and data even when these were not designed to address the global. It examines three types of instances where the national is one of the terrains for the global. One is the endogenizing or the localizing of global dynamics inside the national. A second consists of formations which although global are articulated with particular actors, cultures, or projects, producing an object of study that requires negotiating a global and a local scale. A third is the denationalizing of what has historically been constructed as national and may still continue to be experienced and coded as national when it is in fact no longer such. A focus on such subnationally based processes and dynamics of globalization requires methodologies and theorizations that engage not only global scalings but also subnational scalings as components of global processes. 

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